(Ultra) Quick Trip to Charleston, SC

It was fantastic to get away from the craziness of grad school for a day and enjoy nice weather at the Charleston beach. I’d trade worrying about the academic madness to worrying about the seagulls flying overhead any day . . . The time was just wonderful–a much needed break, and it was a gorgeous day.


Spring and Friends

T’was a lovely afternoon–so we went outside and took a few shots, mainly because I had just called wraps on another shoot and had my camera in hand–and, additionally, because Lindsay needed a headshot for an upcoming audition. Win.

Belated February Post

Been working away . . . on the big thesis. That’s my excuse. Would appreciate your prayers! 🙂

Here’s a bit of quick art I did with a quote that I read not too long ago. It really resonated with me, so I decided to do a little design work with it. The genius at the apple store told me he really liked it (it was my screen background). That counts for something, right?  Anyway, thank you for your inspiration, Keith Reinhard.

To be BOTH #KeithReinhard #quote #LBKirsop design

Yeah, I “cheated” again with the pub. date. Gotta keep the months in line; maybe I’ve gotta bit of OCD in me. Ah well. 😉

Easy Patternless 1 piece Skirt

idiom "ingenuity": easy 1 piece skirt

I’m beginning to feel I’ve become rather domestic recently. And how is that possible as a graduate student? I have absolutely no idea. Maybe it has something to do with having gotten a sewing machine for Christmas. I wanted one for a long time–just never thought to put it on the list. 😉 And lo, and behold, my parents were generous and bought me one! I was SO surprised.

Anyhow, I’m going to make this type of skirt again, as well as post the steps with correlating pictures. So check back soon for instructions if you are interested in making your own quick and easy one-piece skirt.

This pattern will make all sizes up to a size 10 (maybe a 12)

I’ll go ahead and post the necessary materials:

Your favorite pencil skirt (for the “pattern”)

1 yard of material (more if you want to make a longer skirt)

Matching thread



Sewing machine (of course)

Pins (optional)

DIY Placemat Purse

IMG_4952Okay, When I say this project was easy . . . I sincerely, from the bottom of my heart, mean it. You could probably just figure it all out–by just by looking at the picture, but here are the instructions for good measure:

1. Choose a place mat (that’s the hardest step–no seriously).

2. Fold the placemat into thirds–it doesn’t have to be even. It’s up to you as to where you want the flap to meet–or not meet–the bottom.

3. Iron the folds if the material needs it–in my case the material folded and creased easily without ironing.

4.Sew up sides of the bottom “flap”–do so-right side out. Seam size is up to you, but I would keep it as close to the edge as possible to give you the most purse room for your things. Don’t forget to backstitch at the ends.

5. Fold up the corners of the cover flap evenly. Sew down along the inside edges. If seems are going to show–in my case, they did not because of the thread color and the patterns on the placemats you could use the option to glue the corners down with fabric glue.

6. Hand sew the snap pieces into place on the purse to keep the flap closed (this is the most time consuming part of the whole project–and this only takes about 5-10 minutes flat).

7. Glue on decals wherever you like them with fabric glue. Let dry overnight.


Placemats: each only $2 at BigLots. Great steal.


I didn’t have time to make my own flower decals–so I just bought these coordinating ones from Hobby Lobby for $3.99.


Placemat purse #2


All three together. The bottom turned out to be my favorite.