Stitch Fix – An Actual Real Life Personal Stylist for the Every Day Female

This post is a shameless plug. I’m admitting it, so don’t blame me–you might actually even thank me. You’re welcome.

So, I’ve always thought that having a personal stylist would be seriously awesome, but . . . having a personal stylist is way out of the budget for an average jill like me. It was just a dream–like becoming a princess, or an olympic gymnast, or eating all the chocolate you want without getting fat.

. . . Until now.

Enter Stitch Fix

I was indirectly introduced to Stitch Fix when a few Facebook friends of mine casually posted about some beautiful clothes their personal stylists had picked out for them. Their WHAT?

I had to look further. Lo and behold, I followed the link they posted, and voila! It was true! Too good to be true?? That thought was certainly in the back of my mind . . . but there was only one sure way to find out. I signed up.

So, to get to the point beyond all of this vague hype that I’ve just laid out, let me introduce Stitch Fix to you:

1. When you sign up you really do get personal attention. Yes. Really. They aren’t scamming you. It’s a real person picking out clothes based on the preferences you have provided them.

2. They pay attention to your preferences, sizes, lifestyle . . . and even your LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest board (they really like it if you have a Pinterest board). Basically, what they send you will make sense, because they’ve done their due-dilligence with the information you’ve provided them. You can be SUPER specific. Yes, it’s nice–and they like it when you are.

3. No, it’s not free. Of course not. You pay $20 for the styling fee . . . BUT if you like ANYTHING they send you, and want to keep it–that $20 is credit toward your purchase. And you will, more than likely, like something–they’ve done their research remember?

4. They send you 5 items each time. That’s enough. Really. Any more would be overwhelming, I think. Seriously, when was the last time you brought home 5 beautiful pieces or more from a shopping trip, and kept every single one them? . . . Yep, it’s certainly hard to remember, isn’t it?

5. The quality of clothes they send you is fantastic, and the prices are reasonable. You tell them your budget (within reason). The prices are higher than Target, of course (and I love me some “Tarjay”), but these pieces will supplement all of your trendy Target (and elsewhere) clothes . . . and you will look chic. Yes. Chic. Who DOESN’T want to be wearing their Pinterest style boards around town?  Additionally, if you purchase all 5 items, you get 25% off. Not a bad deal.

6. Returns are free and easy. They go ahead and provide the return package for you, all you have to do is drop it off in the mail wherever USPS picks up–like at your office.

7. Customer service is awesome. Apparently when people hate everything in their boxes . . . Stitch Fix has been known to redo orders. I’m not certain that’s a policy per se, but they do try to please the customer. So that $20 going to have that much more insurance. That’s a great thing.

8. It saves you time, and shopping trips. If you are looking for something specific–let your stylist know. I just told my stylist I’m on the search for a new LBD. I’m excited to see what she picks out!

9. I loved my box. I did. Did I keep everything? No. Not everything was a perfect fit, but it was all beautiful–and definitely in my style. I kept 2 items, and I am very very pleased with them.

10. You’ll love it. Really. 

So . . . are you ready to try it? It may not be entirely risk free, on paper, but neither is just about any shopping trip you’ve ever taken.

To explore, click here.


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