At Home in Columbus–The Fun of Decorating

Decorating is one ridiculoulsy fun part of growing up and becoming independent. I still have a good bit more to do (yay!)–but here’s the bedroom at present. Doing it on a budget makes it even more fun–no really! I went with elegant neutrals (white, cream and gray) to allow for color pops. Currently I’m on a mint/turquoise kick.


The bedroom furniture is a refurbished Chris Madden set–redone and artistically painted by a local artist in Columbus. I got it for a STEAL. I was thinking of going modern with my furniture (deep down I didn’t really want to–so when I landed this gorgeous set, I sprung for it.)

The comforter and pillows are a Cynthia Rowley set from T.J. Maxx (Maxxinista all the way). I wanted white (scary I know)-but it allows for so much room to decorate/change decor with color . . . etc.

The lamps on the night stand and the sweater chest on either side of the bed are from Hobby Lobby. I’m a firm believer in that place–and I always like to support them–especially with all the antagonism they put up with for standing on principle.

think the curtain is from Bed Bath and Beyond. But you could find an identical one just about anywhere . . .


The print above the bed was inspired by Pinterest–found the quote there–and replicated it with my own spin and design. Ordered the canvas print online–but I couldn’t tell you where. I was nervous about how it might come out–but when it came in, it was beautiful.

The little corn husk doll is from a dear friend living in Slovakia. And yes, the entire thing is made out of corn husk. And the candles were all gifts.

The lamp on the dresser is from Family Dollar. Yep, you read that right. I’m not a name brand snob–not one bit.

The mannequin necklace stand was also from T.J. Maxx and was given to me by my sister.


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