Easy Patternless 1 piece Skirt

idiom "ingenuity": easy 1 piece skirt

I’m beginning to feel I’ve become rather domestic recently. And how is that possible as a graduate student? I have absolutely no idea. Maybe it has something to do with having gotten a sewing machine for Christmas. I wanted one for a long time–just never thought to put it on the list. šŸ˜‰ And lo, and behold, my parents were generous and bought me one! I was SO surprised.

Anyhow, I’m going to make this type of skirt again, as well as post the steps with correlating pictures. So check back soon for instructions if you are interested in making your own quick and easy one-piece skirt.

This pattern will make all sizes up to a size 10 (maybe a 12)

I’ll go ahead and post the necessary materials:

Your favorite pencil skirt (for the “pattern”)

1 yard of materialĀ (more if you want to make a longer skirt)

Matching thread



Sewing machineĀ (of course)

Pins (optional)


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