I'm a happy contest winner

Ok . . . I’m back! Happy belated New Year! What a thrilling holiday season this was. After spending Christmas with my ADORABLE nieces in Houston, I was hardly ready to come back and get back into the swing of things. Ahh . . . school. But I suppose that I should be excited, no? Just one more final semester of grad school and I’m done with this higher education stuff for good (please remind me of that when I sign on for a PhD)!

In other happy news, I actually WON something over break! The Factory Girl, an awesome furniture and handbag shop near Dallas, TX had a Christmas “Pin it to Win it” contest . . . and you all know how much of a Pinterest addict I am (great for academic procrastination, no?) . . . Anyhow, I pinned and won that awesome beige tote featured above. LOVE it! Goes with just about anything. It has so many pockets–kept finding more, and I absolutely love the studs and clasp. Go check The Factory Girl out–great place!


A happy contest winner

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