The end of the semester is near . . . but is that good or bad?

I know it’s a busy semester when the approach of the end looks more like a threat rather than a relief. Granted, summer looks amazing. I can’t wait to be able to go to bed at night without one academic worry or apprehension  . . . or even being able to go to bed. period. But until then? Mayhem. Academic mayhem.

The whole academic mayhem thing is a typical graduate student thing, I think. You start off a semester and it’s not too bad–a paper here, a presentation there, a book report, a midterm and then you look at your syllabus for the rest of the semester and SWEET MERCY all you see is threatening black ink filling up those assignment boxes!

And what do you do (what do I do)?

. . . Go into absolute denial. “Everything is fine”, “Everything is fantastic, actually”, “Everything is entirely under control” . . . yeah right.

Wow. God is good. Grace is abundant and I am so thankful.

If there are three things that a graduate student needs more than almost anything else in the world they are:

1) more hours in the day;

2) twice as many hours at night;

and 3) calorie-free chocolate.

And there. My post is in at 11:59 March 31 and I haven’t missed a month. Whew!


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