And then Katrina and I went to the Biltmore . . .

It will be hard to forget that day–for SO many reasons. It’s just too bad Christmas break is over. 

I should probably start off by telling you (and I am NOT paid to do this) that the Biltmore House is one awesome place. Those Vanderbilts had it pretty nice. You’ll feel like you’re in Europe . . . and it’s a fraction of the price, and everyone speaks English. That’s all I am going to say about the place though. You can read everything else you want to about it here.

So Katrina and I went . . . and I took my camera (of course)! So what did we do? Well . . . we romped (sometimes barefoot) around the place like we owned it (and Katrina kept saying she wished that she did), posed with statues, sat in dry fountains, climbed walls, hid in bushes, trekked up hills, explored arbors, made a grass angel on the lawn (well Katrina did anyway), and of course we drank Biltmore coffee.

Think you can have more fun than we did? I DARE you. But I don’t think so.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There’s just one important thing we forgot to do . . . Take a picture together.


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