Theatre Makeup Internship

BJU Makeup Department Internship 

Oct. 11th   Training Session  2 hrs.
Oct. 18th   Training Session  1 hr.
Oct. 27th   Tech. Rehearsal 2 hrs.
Oct. 28th   Picture Night 2 hrs.
Nov. 14th  S.M.A.R.T. Performance 1.5 hrs.
Nov. 16-18  Performances 3 @ 1.5 hrs.
The above schedule was coordindated by Mr. Dan Sandy, and it amounts to 10 hours. However, it ended up being between 10-15 hours (closer to 15).
Instructor: Mr. Dan Sandy
Actress/Model: Kristin Post (in the Role of Emilia–Shakespeare’s Comedy of Errors)
Goal: To effectively learn the techniques and application of straight (beauty) theatrical makeup and upper middle-aged (45-55 years) theatrical makeup on an actress, and to do so in an actual production setting.
     This goal was effectively accomplished.
Training: Consisted of 2 training sessions which included a demonstration and hands on application on a model. These training sessions were very helpful, as I had very little previous experience with applying age makeup. I was able to ask questions about techniques and receive immediate feedback on my work.
Trial Run: Dress rehearsal. Over all, this went very well. Mr. Sandy had less than I expected to critique on the job I did (which was relieving—as I was a bit nervous). Due to stage lighting I did need to make a few adjustments: lightening the contour (shadows) a bit, and application of blush (which was actually implemented by those air brushing the foundation)
First Run: Picture Night. Everything went smoothly. Mr. Sandy said my job on the makeup was as near perfect as it could be.
Additional things learned: Proper care and cleaning of makeup products brushes. Proper use of brushes.

Pictures from the Internship:


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