5 months ago . . .

You will never have a neutral influence on anyone.

It’s been 5 months . . . since we said goodbye at graduation.

Never was there a finer group of friends that shared so many glorious interests than this one. How could there be? I honestly don’t know. Crazy meals, social experiments, endless productions, loud laughter, goofiness galore, occasional tears, and a significant lack of men in our lives (which we decided was O.K.–not that they wouldn’t have been welcome).

These pictures were taken in the last two weeks of school–and I’m so glad they were. There will hardly ever be a time when the 6 of us will be together again; it may happen–at one of our weddings, or a class reunion, or maybe we can plan a long trip on a cruise once we have had 10+ years to work and save (how ’bout that, Ladies?).

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Hannah, Katie, Emily, Diana, and Katrina, you all are amazing because you have amazing hearts. Look what God has done with us. May He continue to bless you where you are now (and Katrina, I’m glad you’re still with me), and may you always remain as goofy and carefree as you have always been.

Much Love,



One thought on “5 months ago . . .

  1. Wow, LB. This is really sweet and if I were not characterized by nerves of steel, I may possibly have thought of tearing up. I miss those of you not with us Greenvilliers: Katie, Diana, Em and Hannah – and I hope that soon we can see each other again. I love you all so much!


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