Fashion on the BJU Campus

I’ve begun my Nonverbal Communication research paper/project/presentation. It’s still in the early stages (lazy me) but I am working on it. So what is the project? I’m researching the way people choose to dress at BJU (particularly the distinct styles that I see from day to day).  I polled about 50-70 students on campus, got names, tallied them, and then contacted the “nominees” and did a photoshoot–Sartorialist inspired (but you’d never be able to tell that–probably). In the end, the project will cover how people express themselves through their dress, and if the people around them perceive their expression accurately.

I’ve debated whether or not I should post the final research of my findings–the final paper. We’ll see–depending how interesting it turns out. But for now I’ll post some of the pictures of some fabulous people (the “nominees”). 

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