Bible Conference

This is a week I look forward to every semester for several reasons: I immensely enjoy getting off from classes (I do wish we had a spring break–but that is beside the point); we can picnic on the lawns (this is a treat since we are never able to even walk on the lawns at any other time); the sundeck is open all day (even if it takes years for me to tan–it feels good to take naps up there); much needed spiritual refreshment. Come join in.

Do pray for the week:

–That all present will have humble and contrite hearts.  (Is 57:15)
–That each messages preached would be powerful only because God and the gospel is powerful.
–That the speakers will be filled with a passion for God’s grace to work in hearts and to glorify Himself.
–For growth and the perfection toward Christlikeness of each student, faculty/staff member and visitor attending.
–That God’s glory will be evident in everything that is done.
–That the gospel will be clear and that God will open the eyes of any who are not saved.


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