I Run To Christ

I’m posting the lyrics to this new song by Chris Anderson (which is already beginning to circulate widely in churches across the U.S.) because of the impact it has had my life this semester.  This was a tough semester (as you may have guessed from the lack of posting), because it’s the the beginning of my last year of college. The course work has not been my hardest, but with the added pressure of planning for the future, grad school auditions, senior projects, the responsibility of managing new leadership positions at school, combined with pressures, heavy discouragement, temptation, lack of motivation–I’ll just say this semester has been a beast, and not just for me–but for just about every senior I know here on campus (some facing much greater problems than I with health and family struggles).

This evening begins the long-awaited, Thanksgiving break.  Praise the Lord for getting me to this point–the calm before the continuation of the storm. I truly didn’t get to this point all by myself, and I firmly believe He is going to move me forward through to Christmas break and then through to graduation and whatever may lay beyond.

I Run to Christ

I run to Christ when chased by fear
And find a refuge sure.
“Believe in me,” His voice I hear;
His words and wounds secure.

I run to Christ when torn by grief
And find abundant peace.
“I too had tears,” He gently speaks;
Thus joy and sorrow meet.


I run to Christ when worn by life
And find my soul refreshed.
“Come unto Me,” He calls through strife;
Fatigue gives way to rest.

I run to Christ when vexed by hell
And find a mighty arm.
“The Devil flees,” the Scriptures tell;
He roars, but cannot harm.


I run to Christ when stalked by sin
And find a sure escape.
“Deliver me,” I cry to Him;
Temptation yields to grace.

I run to Christ when plagued by shame
And find my one defense.
“I bore God’s wrath,” He pleads my case—
My Advocate and Friend.

If you are interested in introducing this song to your own church, or just for use as private worship.This song can be found at Church Works Media

I pray the lyrics to this song are an encouragement to you.


6 thoughts on “I Run To Christ

    • Thank you for the wonderful song! It really has been such an encouragement to me personally! My church is also learning it collectively right now.

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