When the Lights Go Out

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Those thunderstorms roll around just about every other summer afternoon don’t they? . . . Yep . . . So the occasional power outage is inevitable, I suppose. So how to occupy time? Well here’s a list of what you can’t do . . . Actually, on second thought, I’ll skip that list. . . Yep, that’s right, let’s just focus on the positive.

1. Sleep.

2. Exercise. . . seriously, you really should have that Jillian Michaels video memorized by now.

3. Candle fiesta!! . . . and then a candle siesta. Doesn’t that sound all nice and midsummery? Yes, I thought so.

4. Go outside. Dangerous? Yes. Adventurous? Absolutely! Crazy? . . . Well that depends if you’re personality type A or type B . . . Risky? You decide . . . but it is something to do.

5.Don’t open the fridge . . . Yes, I realize this is something not to do–but everyone always forgets.

6. Make a peanut butter and honey sandwich (that’s specifically for you bachelors out there that could care less about appliance-free culinary cuisine). This will saves you the mistake of opening the fridge, unless, of course you use that special all-natural peanut butter that has to be refrigerated, or you like your honey cold . . . ?

7. Call the Power Company. I really should have listed this first, but it would have spoiled all of the fun.

8. Create modern art with cardboard scraps and with all those left over paint cans in the garage. It’s dark, so what better situation could be waiting for? You won’t even know what can your throwing on that piece of cardboard in the dark. Who knows? It might be Living Room worthy with a frame around it (I mean, the paints are from your house color scheme aren’t they?).

9. Camp “out” inside. If you’re going to go primitive, go all the way (again, that’s for you bachelors).

10. Read a mystery book. Those candles aren’t there for nothing, now. “It was a dark and stormy night . . .”

So there you have it. No more reason to be bored in the dark . . . Now to find those paint cans without stubbing a toe.

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