getting the inside scoop on school female fashion

by Brynn Summers (Hannah Steadman) with commentary by LB Kirsop (in italics)

Brynn Summer’s Place would like to present the top 16.5 uses for polka dots (It’s important to know that whenever you see that .5–you can count on the fact that it’s been carefully researched). The designer will be showcasing these new items in her back to school household/dorm room show. Careful research and consumer polls (you bet) argue that the following items will be at the top of the selling list for polka dots. Now remember, all of the following items are available in different variations of polka dots, but they are definitely covered in polka dots!

16.5 – flip-flops – for chic feet (essential in the residence halls and especially essential for the shower; don’t let your feet be seen from underneath that bathroom stall door without style. Stay real chic.)

15.5 – purses – to match the flip-flops (or shower caddies if you so prefer)

14.5 – hats – to match the purses and flip-flops (yes, I suppose you could include shower caps)

13.5 – galoshes – rain check! (No, not to be used in the shower–even though they probably would hold up)

12.5 – wallpaper – for a stylish room (or wall stickers–they’re fabulous and rather dotty.)

11.5 – curtains – to dress the window (try some daring color combos–like orange and teal, sure to be a big hit with your purple /red striped bedding)

10.5 – bedding – for comfortable sleeping (forget the purple/red striped bedding)

9.5 – furniture – for quaint, delightful storage (check your residence hall polices before painting . . . just to be sure.)

8.5 – dishes and glassware – for cuteness (absolutely. don’t ever wear plain brown/black or rimless again. contacts are also incorporating the dotted theme this year. see a retailer near you.)

7.5 – kitchen appliances – for the 21st century kitchen (blenders and spatulas are coming “in” as the accents this year. and don’t forget to find them in neon “modern tones”)

6.5 – book covers – for a fashionable library (isn’t this novel . . . couldn’t resist)

5.5 – cars – adult-size automobiles that make a statement (why on earth have a plain red, blue, or green car when you can add polka-dots!)

4.5 – spray-paint – for anything else that needs polka dots (be creative–just obey the law)

3.5 – eye shadow – eyes are the window to the soul (polka dots show your inevitable optimistic outlook on life)

2.5 – lipstick – trendy chic (ooooh. now we’re talking!)

1.5 – hair spray – for an added glisten (extremely attractive this season–all sorts of colors available)

.5 – front doors – nothing says “welcome” like a polka dot door! (nope, nothing . . .)

Stay Chic!!


3 thoughts on “getting the inside scoop on school female fashion

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  2. I LOVE these!! and I am redoing my room and painting orange polka dots on my wall…. yes… i love polka dots!!

    • That sounds adorable! You’ll have to post pictures on your blog when you finish. I had a fat orange stripe that went all the way around on my walls through high school and I loved it! LOL

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