What reorganizing your room and closet can do for you . . .

[Disclaimer: the picture, Right, is not my closet; alas, it’s a crisp and clean google image. I mean, I kinda wish it were my closet . . . but it’s not.]

For a quicker read: ignore the parentheses.

For a more meaningful read: don’t ignore the parentheses

For a more meaningful day: go do something important and don’t read anything.


It was a long time coming . . . mainly because of time and schedule.  Not living at home for close to a year certainly causes one to forget what’s lurking in those closet corners and desk drawers and the impending mess that is sure to occur when one goes searching . . . You know the drill–searching for that red belt, having to disassemble everything in every possible place where it just perhaps may be. Yes, of course you know . . .

–Now add in the variable of moving back into your room from the dorm and adding all the accumulated stuff you bought specifically for your (organized) dorm room;

–Add in an extra variable of 3 months of summer school and an internship causing.  It may also be good to mention the laws of thermodynamics, conservation, or whatever may be relevant . . . these should bring to mind those examples of what happens when things are left to themselves–they do not necessarily improve. (I must admit here, that despite the lack of organization in my room–I did my best to keep things looking clean–most of the time [don’t bring this up with Mom]; but open the closet door . . . and well, you’d understand.)

Finally, classes finished–and organization unceremoniously began. To my surprise, I found it therapeutic for my academically overhauled soul. Allow me to share some of the specific benefits and highlights for your organizational inspiration:

1. Junior High journal entries are extremely entertaining. I hadn’t  forget those days–but I certainly had forgotten how I thought back in those days. Amazing and absolutely ridiculous (I’d also forgotten many of my old school crushes. Both appalling and hilarious . . . And yes, I do protect the innocent here on this blog).

2. Photos from elementary school field trips and Junior High plays popped up. Yes, I actually do remember fixing my hair in pig-tales for the 6th grade trip to the Discovery Center; and yes, I also was the bright red toy block in the Junior High production of The Velveteen Rabbit.  Oh, those days were fabulously simple.

3. Birthday Cards from the past bring lots of smiles.

4. Audio books are fabulous for listening to while cleaning, and C. S. Lewis is always a good companion.

5. My walk-in closet is now again an actual walk-in closet. Yippee!

6. Finding old projects and papers made me feel quite intelligent (and sometimes not). I think I’ve written enough papers (and saved them all at my Mother’s urging from long ago–along with comments) to fill at least one doctoral thesis. Problem is, my papers aren’t compile-able; the topic range is too wide. If only I had known . . .

7. I found loose change. I’m richer than I thought (though not by much).

8. I never thought vacuuming could be so much fun . . . and what do you know? Yep. Still not fun.

9. There was an overwhelming feeling of joy and accomplishment of setting all my shoes in perfect little rows on my shelves . . . It is a girl thing, but a wonderful one at that.

10. There was a fabulous feeling of accomplishment as I took all of those trash bags–and dumped them. You know–the “letting go” feeling.

So there you have it. It’s therapeutic. Organization . . . who could have guessed?


The above post was therapeutic to write.


2 thoughts on “What reorganizing your room and closet can do for you . . .

  1. I didn’t know that this was so therapeutic – and that you felt such accomplishment! you will have to do this more often! 🙂 Love you – mom

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