NEXT 2010 Conference begins TODAY–and why I’m excited about it

Next 2010 Conference begins today, and I would surely be there except that God has me right in the kernel of summer school. But there is still plenty of reason to be excited!

First of all this year’s theme for the conference is specifically focused upon what the Bible says about God. I would have to admit there could hardly be a better thing. The premise:We all base our lives on what we believe God is like. But is what we believe about God true?” Wow.  What a question. Probably one I should ask myself a whole lot more.  So I’m excited.

Second, all of the messages will be available for download–for free. You can be sure that I’ll be syncing them with my ipod when the time comes.  Can’t wait.

General session teachers for this year:

  • Joshua Harris has been working since his teens to see his generation honor God in every area of life, and continues to do that as a pastor, author, and the leader of Next. Full bio.
  • Kevin DeYoung is a young pastor sold on the truth of God’s Word and getting that truth to the diverse cultures in the university area near his local church. Full Bio.
  • D.A. Carson is one of the foremost biblical scholars of our day and has written or edited more books than you’ve probably read. At the center of his ministry is the truth of God’s Word. Full bio.
  • Mark Dever is the senior pastor of Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington, DC, but his influence spreads Reformed theology and the down-to-earth application of truth far beyond DC’s borders. Full bio.
  • Jeff Purswell is passionate for God, for the church, for his family, for future pastors, and for everyone to live and enjoy the truth of God’s Word. He is the dean of Sovereign Grace Ministries’ Pastors College. Full bio.
  • C.J. Mahaney began praying for the generation after him while still in his early twenties. Today he serves that generation as a heartfelt proclaimer of the cross of Christ. Full bio

Please be praying for the conference as you think of it. Pray for the hearts of those involved and in attendance as well as those who will be listening to and downloading the messages here on out.

May we all perceive God as He would have us to perceive Him and to live motivated by His gospel. May we love Him continually.


Be sure to check out NEXT messages from the past–I know you’ll find each one to be a blessing and a wonderful exhortation.

Check out the NEXT webzine as well. Great resource.

All conference information taken from the official NEXT website.


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