Prayer Requested for Bible Conference

I have no posts for March until now! I am so behind!

Bible Conference is this week–which means a break from classes–but an intense time of studying God’s Word. Please pray:

1. That all present will have humble and contrite hearts.  (Is 57:15)
2. That the messages preached will be powerful only because God is powerful.
3. That the speakers will be filled with a passion for God’s grace to work in hearts and to glorify Himself.
4. For growth and the perfection toward Christlikeness of each student, faculty member and visitor attending.
5. That God’s glory will be evident in everything that is done.
6. That the gospel will be clear and that God will open the eyes of any who are not saved.
Having been required to attend Bible Conference since ninth grade, I am truly thankful for it.  Not that I never groaned about it or that I wouldn’t mind having a spring break thrown in as well, I am immensely thankful for the wisdom of those who have decided that we need a time of spiritual refreshment.  I cannot think of a year in which I have not benefited in some way from the conference.


One thought on “Prayer Requested for Bible Conference

  1. I apologize the requests didn’t get posted with the rest–which shows I can’t always rely on emailing to my blog. They are posted now–even though it is after the fact. Please continue to pray for chapels and services here on campus, and for the student body.

    As a follow up for the week, Bible Conference was truly a blessing. Providentially, many of the sermons built upon each other. Personally, I was encouraged and challenged in my prayer life by many of the sermons as well as encouraged and reminded about the promises of God.

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