Valentine’s Day To-Do List

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day . . . 10 things to do between now and then:

1. Visit hoops and yoyo.  Just do it.  They’ll make you smile.

2. Eat some chocolate.

3. Send an ecard.  I know Hallmark isn’t free anymore, but the UK version of hoops and yoyo IS!!!

4. Eat more chocolate.

5. Conversation Hearts . . . Be creative. And if not, just eat them.

6. Grab more chocolate.

7. Look up the Hallmark channel–and see if anything good is on. No? Go rent some b&w flick with Cary Grant.

8. Chocolate.

9. Tell your special someone you love them. “That’s it??” you say, “This is number 9 and not number 1?” (I guess I’m assuming you’d have a superior list of things to do if you have a special someone . . . am I wrong?)

10. Eat even more chocolate


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