Some very sweet but anonymous guys . . .

. . . have WAAAAY too much time on there hands!!!!

(This is just free and introductory: But you see, the residence halls here have what is called the “night mail” system, where the girls and guys can exchange various items, gifts and textbooks from guy’s dormitory to girl’s dormitory by way of a late evening delivery system. It creates a lot of fun sometimes–especially when gifts are delivered anonymously.)

Well anyway–these “sweet anonymous guys” (I am merely guessing it wasn’t just one) decided to night mail my ENTIRE DORM hershey kisses. That might not sound like a big deal–but my dorm is 3 floors and 6 halls with an average of 26 rooms on a hall, with an average of 3 girls in each room. It still might not sound like a big deal . . . but EACH girl had her name typed (yes, TYPED) up on stickers and attached to her own personal hershey kiss–along with her dorm room number. FOR REAL!!! That’s incredibly sweet–but RIDICULOUSLY time consuming!!!!!! But whomever you all are . . . THANK YOU!!! You all definitely know girls and chocolate very well!

. . . For the record, I am still not entirely sure that the other residence halls didn’t receive the same . . . that would be an additional 3 MORE dorms for those of you doing the math–and Mary Gaston is actually . . . oh never mind.


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