They’re All Here Now!

Everyone is here in Greenville now. Dad’s back from Pittsburgh, Nathan and Kristi are down from MD with the baby, and Mark and Lisa have just adopted a puppy a day ago (he is precious). It’s incredibly wonderful to have the immediate family together. Tonight, 20+ members of my extended family on Mom’s side are coming over to eat dessert and have a great big family picture. Sure to be fun.

3 things that confuse me about Christmas Eve:

1. The whole day cannot be Christmas Eve, because it’s not “eve” the whole day. Or is it?

2. If not, when does “eve”actually start? I mean, when is that special feeling supposed to kick in?

3. What do those people, who open their presents on Christmas Eve, do on Christmas Day? Is it not anticlimactic? “Yay! Everyone is up this morning! Merry Christmas! Now guys, let’s . . .??”

. . . There is still NO snow . . .


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