Well IS it that time again?

beach_santaThe holiday season is (more or less) here. . . Or is it? Oh, I’m just not so sure. You know, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s–and the other extraneous ethnic holidays that come with those: Yom Kippur–mmmm no . . . I mean Hanakkuh, Yuletide (whatever that is, or is that just another word for Christmas?) and . . . others (?) which must be escaping me (but you know what they all are–yes, all of those “happy holidays”).

So, the mall said that the Christmas holiday started in September, but that just never seems quite right. Greenville weather says that Christmas won’t be here for another 5 or so months, (here’s to hoping that our school session doesn’t follow weather patterns). But then last year, December 25 was warmer than this year’s Easter.  I just never understand. Never has Christmas been “White” for me–ever. That’s Greenville. Perhaps I should just resort to watching the Hallmark channel to put me in the right mood at the right time for the right holiday . . . Hmmm.

No closing remarks.


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