I just have to say . . .

lthat gettting out on a Monday night is comparable to paradise.  Especially if I am downtown eating ice cream with my mac in my lap.  So that’s me–right now.  Here I am at Spill the Beans sitting with 2 friends. School is not on mind (oh, stink–i just blew it).  I am about to start homework . . . here.  Why do I do this to myself? Why do I bring school to the best of places??? WHY??!!  Why does paradise turn into death at the thought of homework . . . clearly I don’t have my ice cream yet.  I’ll be fine in a minute–after I order.

Back. Things are better. Even ice cream can’t be ruined by homework . . . or so I tell myself.


2 thoughts on “I just have to say . . .

  1. I wholeheartedly agree…not even homework can ruin ice cream.
    And let’s face it, while vague in instruction and frustrating in grading, the homework we’re doing isn’t THAT bad. 🙂

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