Fast update . . .

A week before school started, I decided to become a residence hall student at school. Why?  I can’t really answer that.  Truth is, the Lord worked it out.  I’m so glad He did. He’s already been so gracious in His teaching me in just this first week.

Posts on the blog are going to be much slower (not that they were ever fast before), since blogs cannot be accessed from school. Hopefully, I won’t lose all of you readers. Do check back on the occasion for more updates.  I’ll try to have something here and there.  Thanks for the following, friends.  See you later! Don’t be strangers!

So  . . .  I’m typing this on my Dad’s DELL (yes, the one the school very kindly gave him that he doesn’t use so much because he’s cool and owns his own mac), because my macbook is back in my dorm room.  Doing so, I realize this blog site just doesn’t look as sharp on here as it does on a mac . . . Alas all you PCers out there, I feel your pain.


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