Go Ahead . . . Envision Life As A Musical

93438-004-3CD33F3CReally now, have you ever wondered, wished, or imagined what life would be like if it were a musical? Oh, I know you have . . . Everyone has. Just think about it –the world would probably be a more enthusiastic and optimistic place—if not just a whole lot more fun.  Imagine school, the mall, or the office if singing and making harmony were a normal thing.  You can’t sing, you say?  Tone deaf?  Ha! Wouldn’t that only add to your “singing” personality?  No worries. Life wouldn’t be an opera.  No one would be forcing you to sing—meaning you don’t have to sing solo—ever!

“What about the dancing?” you ask.  Well, what about it? If you grew up with life being a musical, you would naturally know how to dance (of course).  This would also be of great help—providing you another outlet if you truly are tone deaf. Lots of good potentials here. Yep, the world might even be a skinnier place. No more American obesity. Now that’s a happy thought!

Some places that might just be little bit better with singing:
1.    Shopping Malls
2.    Schools and Campuses
3.    Cafeterias
4.    The Office Building
5.    Flea Markets
6.    Merry Maids
7.    Labor Unions (most definitely)
8.    Russia (but we certainly don’t want them to get ahead us now, do we?)
9.    Congress (how fun would that make C-SPAN?)
10.  You’re daily shower (this is where you can start . . . tomorrow)


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