Within the Frame by David DuChemin

Picture 2Photography, more than ever, is becoming just as much a hobby as golf, scrapbooking, stamp collecting or even guitar.  With all the newly added features to standard digital cameras and the uprising of inexpensive photo editing software, photography has hit a boom in the modern world. Even with the help of Adobe and expensive cameras, it’s all the professionals can do to stay a step ahead of the rest of the world. Professionals know that if the general public is equipped with the ability to take and make fabulous pictures, clientele is sure to disappear.

As a photography hobbyist myself, I was curious to know what kept the really big guys ahead (“big guys” meaning those super schnazzy photographers who get hired by the schnazzy paramount magazines such as National Geographic and the like). What keeps them ahead of the pack, and not just ahead–what keeps them actively leading the pack?  Within the Frame: The Journey of Photographic Vision a newly published book written and compiled by David DuChemin gave me my answer.

DuChemin, the author, is one of those “big guys” that leads the pack in the professional photography world.  He made his point clear–the professional photographer has vision when it comes to capturing photos; the photographer captures more than just a photo–he captures an essence, a moment, a feeling that is going to move the viewer.  He explained that the best photography is more than great colours, brilliant effects, artsy angles and aesthetic composition–a good photo must say and communicate something that will resonate with its viewer.

The great thing about this book is that DuChemin, not only tells us what the best photography is–he shows us.  The book is full of lush photographs–worth the list price on the cover all by themselves. However, this book is not a “how to” for great photography, even though DuChemin kindly relays helpful advice (especially inter relational) to those who could never aspire to capture anything as motivational as he has.


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