Writing Magic: Creating Stories That Fly–book review

writing_magicComing across a great innovative nonfiction book is always wonderful. Having about two hours to kill at a local library, I picked up Writing Magic: Creating Stories That Fly by Gail Carson Levine.  I read a few of her novels growing up and loved them, so I thought I would take the opportunity to catch a glimpse of the inside of her brilliant author mind with this nonfiction book that was published about three years ago. Let me tell you–I got much more than a glimpse.

For sure, what I found the book to be while reading it (to my pleasant surprise), was not what I had initially expected. I was expecting a practical advice book for aspiring children’s novelists–and while the book wasn’t completely not that–it pleasantly turned out to be a wittily written semblance of an enthusiastic pep talk (on paper) for young people who want to write creatively–complete with fascinating writing activities and sound advice.

The book was as easy and fun to read as any of Levine’s children’s novels, and I’d be quick to recommend it to any one who wants to write anything halfway creative–for children or not. I do have to confess that I didn’t read the book as it was intended to be read. With only two hours to get through it as well as I could, I couldn’t do any of the writing assignments, but they were certainly fun to browse–and I took note of many to try later (Yes. they’re that good).

I did mention that Levine’s audience, in this particular book, seems to be young aspiring writers, but the practicality (as well as just the fun) would be good for anyone of any age who would be interested in creative writing. So let me just say if you are looking for a great writer’s tool (“great” could modify either “writer” or “tool”) that is just as full of fun as it is practicality–this book is for you.


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