The Travel Menu . . .

k0404675.jpgRestaurants. ENDLESS Restaurants–nearly to the point I think I may never want to eat out again. Sometimes (but only sometimes), I never even want to see food again. But then I realize, I’d die. I don’t really wish to die–not soon anyway–and definitely not of starvation . . . Traveling and eating kind of go together. . . Is this profound?   It’s a thought anyway . . . Eating kind of goes with life in general, I suppose. So it’s not profound.  Tonight, the team went to the market (um . . . yes, just like that first little piggy). We bypassed eating out for once, it was great! We grilled marinated chicken, made fruit salad, spinach salad, homemade tea, grilled garlic bread, and we will be having s’mores later tonight–over the grill again (that’s a good thing). Anyhow, life is fabulous. Long road trips are even great–good bonding time with the ipod, and great sleep catch up, and great relational time with the team (when we are all awake and alert).


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