God is Good . . .

God is good.

We possess no entitlement or right to deem Him otherwise. God, in His word, already declares Himself to be good (1 Chr. 16:34, Ez. 3:11, Ps. 25:8, Jer. 33:11, Na. 1:7, 1 Pet. 2:3,). There is no standard by which He must prove himself to us or by which He must obtain worthiness. He can neither gain nor lose goodness. God is good because God is God.

Apart from His grace, nothing is good–because apart from Him nothing is good.  Do we not throw around the phrase, “God is good”, without any real thought behind what we are saying? We affirm it with nearly passionless unawareness.  It’s become almost a part of  a “Christian lingo”– a mere something that seems great to say at the seemingly right time. Should not God’s goodness be the most obvious thing to us in the world?  Must we cling to it only in our triumphant moments–when we should realize that His goodness is constant in all things?

No, it is not wrong to affirm God’s goodness. In fact it is right–very right to affirm that He is good.  But think, when and why do we do so? Do we declare it when God has met some sort of expectation of ours, or when we are trying to prove Him against odds? Do we limit His goodness merely to the moments in which we can believe to see Him working, or rather, do we cling to the fact that He is sovereign and that in all things–even when we  think that we cannot find any tangible profound evidence of His grace–He still is good?

Oh, that the goodness of God would change the way I see and believe.  God is at work in all things!  I miss it because I refuse to set my focus upon Him–and it is He, who, at many times must actively arrest my attention and bring me out of myself and remind me of the completeness of His constant goodness and grace.  Oh, that He wouldn’t have to remind me–and that I could live with my focus on Him constantly.  How can I see God at work if I am not even looking to Him?

The glories we miss when we are so focused on ourselves.  Yes, God is good all of the time.  We readily affirm that–but we don’t live as if we care to see.  Is it it really our desire to find ourselves surprised with God’s goodness just here and there? Or, wouldn’t it be better to live overwhelmed my His constant working grace in our lives?

Truly, in all of His glory, we can never get enough of Him, or be tired of Him.  He is transcendent–yet still attainable and ever so near in relationship and fellowship.  He desires us to come to Him and to “taste and see” His goodness. Oh that we would–that I would.


One thought on “God is Good . . .

  1. Reblogged this on idiom "ingenuity" and commented:

    . . . Been in my thoughts again recently. I’m ashamed of thoughtless “Christian” jargon. It’s so important that I think about what I say and why I say it . . . “God is good” shouldn’t role off the tongue because I’m preconditioned to say it, or because it sounds right in the circumstance. No, it’s a weighty thought–worth thinking about before stating; and not because it isn’t true . . but, rather, because I use such statements far too flippantly.

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