Happy Independence Day!

american-flag.jpgIt’s Independence Day–and I haven’t yet gone to bed. Why? Because I am waiting for my laundry to dry. When it is dry I will fold it and go to bed. I will then wake up tomorrow and it will be Independence day again (err, still) and I will be much less tired than I am now–even if groggy.

But really, I am thankful for America. If I lived elsewhere I may not have the convention of doing my laundry in this way–by machine. . . . Granted, if I lived in a third world country and had to do my laundry today there is a good chance that I may have already done it in the river and I could be sleeping right now. Interesting thought. Such a wonderful thing to have first world country appliances in hotels around the U.S.A. Yes, I am thankful . . . Very thankful. I can live in freedom, eat in freedom, breathe in freedom–and sometimes I can even sleep soundly in freedom (sometimes).

Happy 4th of July, and may God bless America.


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