Oh the Joys of the Holidays

Hats-45.jpgI like Holidays. Love them actually. And just think, Christmas is almost here. Fuzzy fuzzy warm warm feelings to go around. Well it is you know . . . What? We just had Christmas, you say? No no no. You DO realize that LESS time has yet to pass till Christmas future than the time that has already passed since Christmas past. . . Oh, your confused . . . That’s fine. Christmas is still a good five months away–you’ve still got time. It happens to the best of us. Sneaky sneaky. If you’re not careful those holidays certainly creep up.

So what about July 4th?  Oh. Great day of the year! Independence Day you know. You might be surprised how many Americans really don’t know why we celebrate on the fourth of July (and do it anyway).  Well now you know–if you were one of those unfortunate Americans (oh yes, and if you ARE one of those unfortunate Americans, please check this schedule here if you have no idea how to celebrate, you will be sure to find it helpful).

Happy Independence Day and an Early Merry Christmas (just wanted to make sure I get it in before to late–you know what I said . . . sneaking up on the best of us)!!


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