I Think I May Have Become a Hotel Connoisseur

Picture 2Yes . . . the travel world again. It happens . . . [For those of you who are interested in the team blog page check out http://www.musicteam09.com] Anyway, I think I have lost count of how many hotels the team has stayed in this summer so far. We’ve been out six weeks and we have six weeks to go . . . hmmm . . . we average about two or three hotels a week maybe? I don’t know, it seems like we have been in much more than eighteen hotels. Really. Let’s see, we’ve been in a few Fairfields (great breakfast and rooms), Hamptons (top of the line), Wingates (depends on the one you are at), Holiday Inns (no breakfast) and a Holiday Inn Express (GREAT cinnamon rolls) , a Masters Inn (a little scary), a Day’s Inn (also scary), a Comfort Inn (bad experience), a Marriott (very nice), and a Quality Inn (average).

Shall I rate them? No. Or better yet shall I tell you how to talk down pricing? No, I won’t bore you. . . (The key is to sound super nice over the phone–while remaining firm–yet desperate–like the “please help me spend my money here–or else I will have to book the hotel across the street” approach–it always works under the current economy conditions).

What to look for when you search for Hotels:

1. Wireless or High Speed Internet (this helps the blogging of course)
2. Complimentary Breakfast (REAL Breakfast–as opposed to “skimpy”)
3. Cleanliness (do research on customer reviews–no one likes roaches or strangely covered mold)
4. Do-it-yourself laundry services (not the pricey pick up thing)
5. Late Morning/afternoon housekeeping (it really is annoying to get disturbed from restful slumber at 7:00 in the morning when someone is beating down your door and screaming, “HOUSEKEEPING!!!”–it’s worse when they walk in)
6. Good sized rooms and beds

There you have it. All free.

Oh, and don’t forget your AAA points, or membership points if you stay at a place more than once. I think my team has now earned silver membership with just about every hotel company there is. Great perqs . . .


2 thoughts on “I Think I May Have Become a Hotel Connoisseur

  1. Marriott knows how to do it…but I do have to agree; Holiday Inn Express is the King of Cinnamon Rolls. So I guess Marriott is the Queen. They should get together and have little baby hotels.

    Oh wait. They did have one. It was the Biltmore. 🙂

    • Biltmore . . . why am I not getting this Joshy . . . was it the bowling alleys maybe? The swimming pool? ohhhh . . . the wassail??

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