The Blog Name . . .

The ever official Oxford Dictionary describes the name of the blog best [in the most technical way]:

Idiom–A form of expression natural to a language, person, or group of people. [I qualify as “person,” I believe]

Ingenuity–The quality of being clever, original, and inventive.  [notice how it uses “and” rather than “or” –apparently, to possess the quality of “ingenuity” one must have all three aforementioned characteristics (I have none)]

I suppose that I may be able to describe the name in a more idiosyncratic way.  I will be  honest . . . I confess that I chose/created the name idiom “ingenuity” because I liked it.  No deep meanings or stories behind it other than what I have already mentioned.  It works. I liked it. It stuck . . . even though I will probably think up something much better later–but it’s already too late to change it.

So the purpose of this quirky blog is rather general.  Or perhaps I should say, there really is no purpose for this blog at all –except to impart my great wisdom (which I have not) upon this world . . .  Hopefully, you, reader, (though you be one of few) will also find it to be fun and interesting even if silly or just dead wrong.  The benefits of the author are much greater than that of the reader I assure you. Writing on whim is a stress-reliever for me.  So expect silly things on the occasion (actually, expect it much more than “on the occasion”).

Thanks for reading thus far.  That’s much more than I would expect.  Please check back soon!

I still like the blog name by the way . . . no regrets–yet.


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