The Very First Post

I shall officially be the first to welcome myself to the blogging world.  Welcome, self.  Let me also welcome you to my blog.  Welcome, friend!  Please enjoy. . .

Yes, I have decided to start a blog (hence this new creation you are now experiencing).  But . . . I must confess this is not my first attempt.  I did try a blogspot–which was promptly deleted after I gave up on it (it contained a whopping 1 post). If you try to find it–you won’t (unless it’s still under a cache somewhere). The old name was  Pound is for LB (LB  is for Laura Beth–Laura Beth is for  . . . well, me).

So why didn’t I keep the old name or the old blogspot? Good question. Glad you asked.  There isn’t a terribly good reason, other than the fact that I like WordPress much better.   But why not keep “dialpound” ?  I don’t know . . . I almost did . . . But, when one signs up for a WordPress blog, one is told that the domain name is permanent and cannot be changed . Finality is one of those scary things.  One has to choose the perfect name.  So yes, I had second thoughts.

All right. I confess. It took me some long hours to think of a name.  I left my computer for a while with the registration tasks still open . . . because I couldn’t think of a good name.  “Idiom” came first.  That word appeals to me–can’t explain why.  Has a sort of pleasant whim to it I suppose. “Ingenuity” came some hours later.  Yes, being the nerd I am, I poured over my computer dictionary and thesarus (I love the Thesaurus–and to think when I was little I thought it was some sort of extinct Dinosaur).  But, after much thought and labor I have created the title, “idiom ‘ingenuity’ “.  I like it . . . for now.  Of course, I will probably regret it later. . .


3 thoughts on “The Very First Post

  1. Just for the record, I like your blog name. 🙂 Is what is written here going to contain the essence of the soul or just the fun facts about your summer?

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